Book Club Questions

The following are questions you might use or adapt for a Book Club.

In turn, if your Book Club has any questions for Dreena, she will do her best to answer them: email to send questions, or even arrange a live chat!

General questions…

  1. What does the title of the collection make you think of?
  2. What themes or recurring topics did you notice in the collection, if any?
  3. What were your favourite – and least favourite – stories in the collection?
  4. Which of the stories do you think might make an effective longer story, such as a novel (if any)?
  5. Who were your least favourite characters in the book?
  6. If you could hear one of the stories from the point of view of a different character, which story would it be, and who would tell it?

Specific Questions

  1. In The Test, Dan mentions Katy, in her red dress, “a knee length one, with a tiny, delicate white pattern of flowers on it”. Who do you imagine Katy to be? Why might she now be missing from his life (as he talks about her in the past tense)?
  2. What do think – or hope – might happen next in Let Me Tell You a Story?
  3. Do you think the two protagonists are suited in Elevated – and why?
  4. Could there be any justification for Claire’s behaviour in Something Old, Something New?


Short Stories for the Modern World. All three books - The Blue Hour, The Day I Nearly Drowned and Bird Wing.